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We believe in providing exceptional service and transparent billing. For participating in our Discounted Renewable Energy Program we provide you a discount on your solar power usage. You will receive TWO BILLS; one from your traditional power provider for traditional power and one bill from BlueSky Utility for your solar usage.

Understanding Your Bill

Billing Breakdown

We want you to fully understand your bill and how our billing works. Above is a quick video that explains your bill and how we calculate it. In the course of operating your business you create a need for energy. Some of that need will be fulfilled by BlueSky Utility via the solar system created on-site; the remaining energy is provided by your local utility provider. The rate for all the energy you use is determined by the local utility company and we are able to discount the solar energy you access via BlueSky’s Discounted Renewable Energy Program by 5% (7.5% with autopay). Contact Us if you have any questions.

Why do I get 2 Bills?

Pay Your BilL

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