Discounted Renewable Energy Program Details

Traditionally, commercial property tenants are unable to access solar energy and its benefits; but with our scalable solutions we can help both small businesses and national chains harness the power of the sun and reach their ESG goals.

Your Retail Center’s Exclusive Solar Program

Your landlord has partnered with BlueSky Utility to offer green energy to their tenants. This partnership includes the installation of a new roof and state of the art industrial solar panels. These new panels will generate electricity and can be used by all the tenants. The center’s power distribution remains the same while participating in the solar program; meaning you will have no disruption to electricity service as your current utility provider still delivers the power to the center.

Program highlights

No Cost to Participate

All construction and solar equipment are paid for by BlueSky Utility. There are absolutely no fees to tenants at participating centers.

No Change in Service

Tenants still receive their power from the local utility.

No Liability

Service is coterminous with the lease and allows early termination and sublet transfer per the lease.


Guaranteed monthly discounts over local utility pricing.

Zero Risk

No tenant risk from long-term leases or typical solar industry Power Purchase Agreements.

Once enrolled and the system is energized, your total utility bill will be noticeably reduced as you will now have Solar Credits provided through the energy generated from your center’s own solar system. All participating tenants receive discounted renewable energy while helping to lower the negative effects on the environment and reduce your shopping center’s carbon footprint. Together, we can help the environment while also helping California reach its goal of 100% clean electricity
by 2045.

Additional Benefits

Solar is a sustainable energy solution that reduces your carbon footprint and operates at a lower cost on average than standard energy service. Utilizing BlueSky services helps you meet the environmental needs of your customers and community.

By taking advantage of the savings offered in the program you can mitigate any increase on your traditional power bill.

Help reduce the power usage on your traditional grid. By utilizing our power you are lowering the amount of power needed on the grid and potentially reducing planned and unplanned blackouts.

Want a better future for the next generation? Sustainable energy is the use of energy that can meet demands without putting the resources in danger of running out.

You are getting a savings on your power bill without having to pay for the install or maintenance. Most solar programs (including residential) require you to lease or buy panels that prevent you from saving money for years – with BlueSky Utility you begin to save money the minute the system is running.

to sign up?

Step 1: We've partnered with your landlord to provide your center with solar energy access.

Step 2: Enroll in the program by completing the Participation Agreement we sent to your email on file with your landlord. Refer to the Sign-Up Process page for more information or contact us for support.

Step 3: Connect your current utility usage account via Utility API. Refer to the Sign-Up Process page for more information or contact us for support.

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