Clean Energy “Specialty Leasing” Solutions

BlueSky Utility offers custom renewable energy solutions for our retail real estate partners. We pride ourselves in finding innovative ways to increase the value of our partners assets via renewable energy solutions. This includes installation of roof and carport solar systems (that offer a quick and turn-key way to increase the value of your existing property) and leasing unutilized space for energy storage.


We are local renewable energy experts with the support of a global energy leader. BlueSky Utility serves as the US territory clean energy asset owner arm of Nofar Energy – a trusted renewable energy developer with 650MW of solar and 920MWh of battery storage connected, under construction and/or ready to be constructed worldwide.

We Pay Rent to Use Your Roof and/or Ground Space for Solar & Storage

Our Differentiation
We structure transactions as leases for your unutilized space, increasing the net operating income for each property.
We provide you the upside net-operating income of asset ownership without exposure to operational, regulatory and technical complexities.
We pride ourselves in creating custom solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to see how you too can utilize renewable energy, without limits.

9,3 The average property value increase to landlords partnering with BlueSky; with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

100+ Retail Centers

1,000+ Participating Tenants

The average property value increase to landlords partnering with BlueSky; with no out-of-pocket expense to you.
Retail Centers
Participating Tenants

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Roof & Carport Solar System Program

Roof and Carport solar systems offer a quick and turn-key way to increase the value of your existing property. BlueSky generates solar energy from your roof or parking lot.

We sell that energy to you and your tenants, or the entire community, at a discount to standard utility pricing. Your property earns rent based on solar energy revenues.

We pay for all permitting, electrical interconnections, and other property upgrade costs. We manage and operate the solar for the life of the system. Your shopping center gets the amenity value from greener energy while you earn rent, and we deal with the day-to-day solar operations and energy sales.

BlueSky operates solar installations nationwide, partnering with owners of multiple shopping centers. Our experience with your asset class makes us sensitive to the needs and constraints of retail shopping centers.

Outparcel Pad Lease Battery Storage Program

Earn Specialty Leasing income from unproductive corners and rear sections of your properties. Located behind opaque fencing or a privacy wall, BlueSky’s installed battery systems quietly earn income from government agencies and the local utility. Hassle free income opportunity.

BlueSky’s battery systems don’t connect with any of utility hookups or energy systems already onsite. They neither connect nor interfere with any solar, storage, or other energy equipment already onsite. Added green benefit: they lower “Scope 2” greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emanating from your property.

We seek at least 5,000 square feet of pad space, in one or more pad locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or New York only (Westchester County, NYC and Long Island only).

Increase Amenity Value, Asset Value and Net Operating Income.

Generate new rental income and additional revenue streams.

We provide in-house tenant acquisition and billing teams to handle all tenant needs promptly.

Help meet your ESG, Net Zero, and Green initiatives.

We build and operate the system.

BlueSky is the landlord’s roofing vendor performing reroof if needed.

We specialize in the C&I Sector with over 15 years of experience.

Ability to access entire capital stack for investment.

Provide an additional benefit to your tenants – at no cost to you.

Tenants are guaranteed a 5% savings on their solar energy usage along with a discounted electricity bill.

The energy collected is put back into the local utility grid.

BlueSky owns, operates, and maintains the system.


At BlueSky, we offer more than just the option to pay rent. We enable our tenants to participate in our projects by offering up the entire capital stack for investment, including equity, tax equity and debt. We call this our “Utility-As-A-Service” model. It provides access to the upside of asset ownership while insulating tenants from direct exposure to the operational, regulatory, and technical complexities inherent in developing, operating and owning renewable energy generation and storage at scale.

Asset Ownership

Leverage a proven utility business model that is cost-effective, scalable and delivers industry-leading performance.


Provides the opportunity to invest in a market that has shown promising results and a potential for strong growth.

Low Risk

Provides a safe, reliable, and low risk Utility-As-A-Service model for tenants utilizing the experience of an industry leading team of energy experts.


Offers the possibility of acquiring an equity stake in the asset and receiving a return on the investment, with low to no risk.

Case Studies

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