• What is the fee to participate in the Discounted Renewable Energy Program?
    $0. The program is free for all tenants thanks to the partnership between your landlord and BlueSky Utility. 
  • Does the Landlord know of and support this program?
    BlueSky Utility works in partnership with your landlord. BlueSky Utility has received landlord permission and approval to enroll tenants into our program.
  • I received information that my business can participate in the BlueSky Utility Discounted Renewable Energy Program, who do I talk to if I have a few questions?
    We have a team dedicated to supporting your enrollment in the program and you can contact them at sales@blueskyutility.com or at +1 (888) 242-6656.
  • What happens when my lease expires, I sublet, or landlord allow me to terminate early?
    When your lease expires or the landlord permits a sublease, or the landlord permits an early termination, then your enrollment also ends. Your only obligation is to pay your final balance.
  • Where can I see my bill?
    When you enroll and the system becomes operational, you’ll be provided notice granting you a unique username and a password, of your choosing, to a client portal, where all your bills and usage data will be available for your review.
  • How much does it cost to start?
  • Does my current utility provider change?
    No. Your current utility provider will remain the same. Signing up will not affect your supplier and you will continue to be billed by them, minus solar credits.
  • Who do I contact if I have a billing question?
    We are here to answer any of your billing questions via email at accounting@blueskyutility.com or at +1 (888) 242-6656.
  • Can I promote that my business uses Solar Energy?
    YES! We highly encourage you to promote that your business is taking part in a renewable energy program. By participating in the program you are helping to reduce the strain on the local power grid, lowering the potential for blackouts, and reducing your carbon footprint.

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