Safe, Secure and Simple Enrollment

3 steps

Step 1
We've partnered with your landlord to provide your center with solar energy access.
Step 2
You need to enroll in the program by completing the Participation Agreement we sent to your email on file with your landlord.
Step 3
Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail with simple instructions to connect your current utility account via Utility API to BlueSky Utility to receive savings on the energy you use.
(Takes less than 2 minutes to complete.)

Now you can begin receiving the benefits from your solar energy usage.

Follow these steps to enroll

Simply complete or request a Participation Agreement by doing one of the following:

  • Fill out the form already provided to you by your BlueSky provided via email.
  • Complete the form to the right.
  • Contact Us and request a new form be sent to you.

Connecting your Meter

Once you have enrolled in the program a BlueSky Utility meter expert will be in contact to provide you with steps to connect your meter. Which is a simple and easy online connection that allows seamless and private data access to monitor the kilowatts used at your location. Simply follow the secure custom link sent to you and complete the connection process.

Security and Privacy

We value our partnership with you to provide safe, clean, renewable energy.  Please refer to our meter connection privacy policy to illustrate our commitment to security and your privacy:

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